I am a secondary mathematics teacher in the UK, my current role is Lead Practitioner, and I have been teaching in state comprehensive schools in Cheshire/Staffordshire since 2012.

I have an obsession with mathematics education and learning. When I'm not teaching, I love spending my time at conferences, learning more about mathematics teaching from other maths educators. I have turned some of the wonderful CPD I have attended over the years into sketchnotes which are shared on the homepage of this website, and I hope that some of these can be useful to others. In 2019 I trained as a Secondary Mastery Specialist with The NCETM which gives me the privilege of working with many other like-minded professionals and local schools with the aim of supporting each other and improving maths education on a wider scale. I have been a member of two subject associations for the majority of my career and I have served on the Teaching Committee of The Mathematical association since 2019 and I have recently become a member of council, which I am really excited about. Another project, which is keeping me rather busy at the moment, is my work with OUP on their new KS3 textbook series due to be released in Summer 2023!

I am a huge advocate of increasing the use of manipulatives in secondary maths education and promoting mathematcial thinking for all students regardless of background or prior attainment.